Vote Kit

Human-Centered Design

Completed: Fall 2018
Advisor: Enrique von Rohr Affiliation: WashU Chapter of AIGA

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Introduction — Prototype of OpenVote, a portable kit with which users can rapidly design and create posters urging peers to vote in the 2018 midterm elections and spark bipartisan discussion about American politics. I designed the kit and planned the prototyping event with Lauren Fox and professor Enrique von Rohr. 

Above — Documentation of our ideation session where we brainstormed names for the project and different objects that should be included within the vote kit. 

Above —  Lauren, Enrique, and I planned a prototyping workshop with the Sam Fox Office for Socially Engaged Practice a few weeks before the midterm elections. After making posters we had a thought-provoking discussion with the attendees about ways that we could share the kit in the future and make the content more accessible to a wider range of demographics on campus, including international students who are unable to vote in American elections.

Below — Some of the posters designed at the workshop using the poster kit

Below — Risograph prints that I designed and printed at Riso Hell Press as branding assets for the Vote Kit. When we first began brainstorming ideas for the branding, Lauren and I wanted to evoke a dialogue between red and blue in a way that mimicked the dialogue we hoped to create with the poster kit itself.