Urban Renewal:
A Plea for Public Space

Term: Fall 2018
Role: Designer, researcher, editor
Text: Walter Hood, Roman Mars, Nora Wendl
Typefaces: Sangbleu Kingdom, Founders Grotesk
Advisor:  Benjamin Franklin
Details: 9.5x12in, Mohawk Superfine Paper

Collection of essays, podcasts, and speeches questioning relationships between space, gentrification, and the way we so easily forget history when tangible reminders have been forcibly removed.

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Introduction — Urban Renewal uses the Time Travel feature of Google Street View to document the moments of growth, decline, and change of communities in St. Louis. By comparing the same locations at different points in time, readers can wander through the decades of rapidly transforming and disappearing neighborhoods.

Above — The short sheets in the book allow the reader to interact with the changing landscape. When the reader flips the sheet from left to right, they watch the building disappear from the street corner. I placed the dates that each image was captured next to each other on the pages in the hopes that the reader would be confronted with the immediacy of the disappearance of these spaces.

Below — Details from the full book, including the title card sheet indicating the beginning of a new text and the the microtypography of the captions for images. I chose to rotate the typography on the introductory sheets in order to mimic the shape and height of buildings and structures.