Urban Renewal

Role: Editorial Design, Research

Completed: Fall 2018
Course: Typography II
Primary Advisor: Ben Franklin

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Introduction — Urban Renewal uses the Time Travel feature of Google Street View to document the moments of growth, decline, and change of communities in St. Louis. By comparing the same locations at different points in time, readers can wander through the decades of rapidly transforming and disappearing neighborhoods.

With written content from Walter Hood, Roman Mars, and Nora Wendl, this project asks the reader to question their own relationships with space, gentrification, and the way we so easily forget history when tangible reminders have been forcibly removed. 

This project was made possible by Kate Manos and her Otis MFA GD thesis project, Rapid Nostalgia, which uses Google Street View and other methods of research and documentation to create a dialogue about memory and urban development in Los Angeles. 
Above — Details of the cover and stab-stitched binding. I laserprinted this book on Mohawk Superfine and Keaykolor paper.

Below — The title page introduces the contrasting serif and sans serif type, which illustrate the strength and fragility that coexist in St. Louis. I used Sangbleu Republic from Suisse Works and Founders Grotesk Text from Klim Type.

Above —  The short sheets in the book allow the reader to interact with the changing landscape. When the reader flips the sheet from left to right, they can watch the building disappear from the street corner with the marking dates. 

Below — Details from the book, including the title card sheet indicating the beginning of a new text and the the microtypography of the captions for images.

Below — Spreads from the full book itself, which includes photography from the film entitled The Pruitt-Igoe Myth and from my research with Google Street View’s Time Travel feature.

Below — Unedited Google Street View screenshots of buildings in St. Louis transitioning from 2007 to 2012. 

3878 Martin Luther King Drive
Street View ︎
4201 Martin Luther King Drive
Street View ︎
4228 Martin Luther King Drive
Street View ︎
4229 Martin Luther King Drive
Street View ︎