Simple Syrup Magazine

Editorial Design

Completed: Quarterly since Spring 2017
Affiliation: Student-run publication

Introduction — Armed with articles, photo essays, and illustrations spanning food deserts and the perils of breakfast cereal, Simple Syrup seeks to discover the delicious and complicated intersection of food, culture, and community. I have worked as an illustrator, writer, designer, and now incoming Art Director for this publication.

I’m working on developing and designing an interactive microsite for Simple Syrup—please feel free to watch the video of the mockup here.

Above — The varying covers that the design staff styles and photographs tend to be funky and experimental. I have yet to participate in a cover shoot itself, but the theme selections beforehand have been a fun editorial challenge.

Above — I designed spreads, wrote articles, and played with editorial illustration, photography, and experimental food typography for the four most recent issues of Simple Syrup. 

Below — Screenshots from the in-progress microsite that I’m designing and developing for Simple Syrup. Please feel free to check out the video of the interactive site here.

Below — Shots that I styled, photographed, and edited for an editorial photoshoot accompanying an article about native Serbian foods in Issue 06.

Below — Explore issues 03–06, for which I wrote, illustrated, and served on the design team. 

03 — The Obsessions Issue 
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Design Director: Noah Baker
Art Director: Sachi Nagase
04 — The Metamorphosis
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Design Director: Chantal Jahchan
Art Director: Maddy Mueller
05 — The Myths Issue 
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Design Director: Chantal Jahchan
Art Director: Maddy Mueller