Maddy Angstreich

Design student at Washington University in St. Louis. Fascinated by typography, urban design, architecture, and web development. Excited to use visual design for problem-solving and systems thinking. Previously, Design Intern at Virtue in LA. Incoming Design Intern at Partner & Partners in NYC. 

Selected Projects ︎ 
        Urban Renewal
        Open Vote 
        Simple Syrup Magazine
        Einstein’s Dreams
        Sam Fox Lecture Series 
        Javascript Experiments 

Writing ︎
        Democratization of Urban Agriculture
        Should Designers Code?
        Mobile Markets in a Midwestern Desert
        Interface Design Sprint

Contact ︎
     +39 347 5353736 (Spring 2019)
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Elsewhere ︎
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Simple Syrup Magazine

Editorial Design, Writing, Photo, Illustration

            Armed with articles, photo essays, and illustrations spanning food deserts and the perils of breakfast cereal, Simple Syrup seeks to discover the delicious and complicated intersection of food, culture, and community. I have worked as an illustrator, writer, layout designer, web designer, and now incoming Art Director for this campus publication.

            One of my favorite things about St. Louis is its rich history of housing migrants and refugees as a designated sanctuary city. Since the early 20th century, St. Louis has been a safe place for displaced people to set down their roots and grow with the city. A byproduct of this cultural melting pot has been St. Louis’s fascinating relationship with food. I find myself constantly amazed by the people and communities in this city and their connections to the food that they make and share. 

            I’m working on developing and designing an interactive microsite for Simple Syrup—please feel free to watch the video of the mockup here.

            Below — Shots that I styled, photographed, and edited for an editorial photoshoot accompanying an article about native Serbian foods in Issue 06.