Sam Fox Lecture Series Poster

Poster Design

Completed: Fall 2018
Course: Word & Image II
Primary Advisor: Rachel Silverberg
Additional: Ben Franklin, Ben Kiel

Read about my process here

Introduction — I designed a two-sided poster to disseminate the information from the lecture series calendar for the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. 

Below — The final iterations of the two sides of the poster, which was ultimately 27x44 inches in size. We were freed from the limitations of the existing brand guidelines of the school, which allowed for a lot of visual exploration. 

Below — Details of the microtype and overlays of the display letters and duotoned images.

Below — My earlier iterations of the poster were—in my unprofessional opinion—pretty bad. I updated the poster after my final review to the design above because I wasn’t happy with my first direction at all.