Maddy Angstreich

Design student at Washington University in St. Louis. Fascinated by typography, urban design, architecture, and web development. Excited to use visual design for problem-solving and systems thinking. Previously, Design Intern at Virtue in LA. Incoming Design Intern at Partner & Partners in NYC. 

Selected Projects — 
        Urban Renewal
        Open Vote 
        Simple Syrup Magazine
        Einstein’s Dreams
        Sam Fox Lecture Series 
        Javascript Experiments 

Writing —
        Democratization of Urban Agriculture
        Should Designers Code?
        Mobile Markets in a Midwestern Desert
        Interface Design Sprint

Contact —
     +39 347 5353736 (Spring 2019)
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Elsewhere —
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Resist App 
Summer 2018, UI/UX Personal Project

            I designed this prototype as a personal project in order to make it easy for mobile phone users to research and contact their representatives and to encourage legislative change. Researching politicians and their policies, supporters, and recent votes is confusing and badly organized, so I wanted to conslidate all of the information into a single mobile interface that would also encourage users to call the representatives after they inform themselves.