Resist App

UI / UX Design, Research, Ideation

Completed: Summer 2018
Personal Project

Introduction — I designed this prototype as a personal project in order to make it easy for mobile phone users to research and contact their representatives and to encourage legislative change. Researching politicians and their policies, supporters, and recent votes is confusing and badly organized, so I wanted to conslidate all of the information into a single mobile interface that would also encourage users to call the representatives after they inform themselves.

How might I — develop a tool to help mobile phone users to be active in the political conversation year-round, rather than just when voting season is near.  

Above — Speech cards for users to read from when calling representatives. I discovered that one problem preventing constituents from contacting their representatives was phone anxiety, so I sought to address that pain point by creating customizable  messages that the user can read while on the phone with the legislative office. 

Above — Final design of the legislative directory. The accordian bar folds open to show the representative’s voting records on most recent issues. 

Above — Earlier iterations of the legislative directory. Initially, the blocks were much busier and visually chaotic. I chose to reduce the content to two buttons in order to make the user experience simpler.

Above — Login screen, profile creation screen, and loading image when the user first opens the app. 

Above — User’s home page and the screen where they can customize their experience to fit their interests. After tailoring the causes they wish to focus upon, the user can call representatives who are prevalent in the field of the issue that the user selected.

Below — The simple navigation that is accessible to the user from any screen in the app.