Resist App
Personal Project

Typeface Used

I designed this prototype as a personal project in order to make it easy for mobile phone users to research and contact their representatives and to encourage legislative change. Researching politicians and their policies, supporters, and recent votes is confusing and badly organized, so I wanted to conslidate all of the information into a single mobile interface that would also encourage users to call the representatives after they inform themselves.

Researching User Problems
Fighting Political Apathy & Anxiety

I discovered that the problems preventing constituents from contacting their representatives were phone anxiety and political apathy. I sought to solve the former by creating custom voice messages that the user will read while on the phone with the legislative office. In order to fight apathy and get the user actively engaged in the fight against the Trump regime, I incorporated a merit system where the user can earn badges as rewards for their calls.

Congressional Directory
I worked through multiple iterations of the legislative directory. Initially, the blocks were much busier and visually chaotic. I chose to reduce the content to two buttons in order to make the user experience simpler.