Karin Fong Monogram
Process Book ︎

Typeface Used
Dia Regular, Bold

I created a monogram and hypothetical business card for Karin Fong, a director, designer, and animator at Imaginary Forces. A 2018 Aiga Medalist, she creates captivating opening title sequences and advertisements for film and TV. Throughout her work for clients including Boardwalk Empire, God of War, and STARZ, she brings buoyancy and motion to otherwise serious and melancholy subject matter.

After collecting research, I designed a few thumbnail sketches, created them in Illustrator, explored appropriate color palettes. Some thumbnails were inspired by existing typefaces including Lyon, Maelstrom, and Gemini, while others were simple single-line sketches and attempts at creating the impression of dimensional forms.

During this stage, I focused on capturing the sense of motion, geometry, and balance of Karin’s work. However, the vectorized versions of the original thumbnails retained the joviality and motion of the sketches while feeling too immature and underdeveloped.

The feedback and criticsm I received from classmates and professors about my initial iterations was instrumental in helping me refine my designs. I chose a typeface, made more deliberate color palette choices and began to experiment more with layout and application of the monogram.  As I moved forward with my next iterations, I worked to be more intentional and creative with the development of the grid as well as the placement and manipulation of the elements on the card.