Mental Health Booklet

Editorial Design, Research

Completed: Spring 2018
Advisor: Rachel Silverberg
Additional: Ben Kiel, Chrissi Cowhey

Read about my process here.

Introduction — I designed this book to serve as a companion to a fictitious mental health advocacy campaign. The original text, written by Emily Gosling for AIGA Eye on Design, seeks to educate the creative community about how to manage anxiety. I chose to incorporate artists and creators who have used their platforms to share and discuss their own personal battles with anxiety and mental health. 

Above — Booklet cover and the fold-out poster tucked within. The poster documents  tips from Mind, the UK mental health charity, about functioning at the workplace while managing anxiety. 

Below — Full spreads from the booklet itself. Please feel free to flip through or download the full PDF here.

Below — I was excited by the prospect of incorporating interactive elements into this project. I added the fold-out poster placed in the back of the booklet and the book-within-a-book emphasizing a pulled quote because I hoped the reader would feel compelled to dig deeper into the subject matter and be connected with the experience of interacting with the book and its contents.