Maddy Angstreich

Design student at Washington University in St. Louis. Fascinated by typography, urban design, architecture, and coding. Excited to use visual design for problem-solving and systems thinking. Previously, Design Intern at Virtue in LA. 

Selected Projects — 
        Urban Renewal
        Resist App
        Simple Syrup Magazine
        Mental Health Booklet
        Open Vote
        Sam Fox Lecture Series 
        Einstein’s Dreams
        Javascript Experiments 

Writing —
        Democratization of Urban Agriculture
        Should Designers Code?
        Mobile Markets in a Midwestern Desert
        Interface Design Sprint

Contact —
     +39 347 5353736 (Spring 2019)
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Elsewhere —
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Ballot Box —

            I built and designed this microsite to accompany the Open Vote project. Using help from SuperHi coding classes, I used a matter.js Javascript library to construct this physics-based site that encourages the user to interact with the typography in the same way that votes would tumble in a ballotbox. 

Type Specimen Site —

            As an assignment for the Interaction Foundations course, I built and designed this interactive type specimen sheet for Google Fonts’ Merriweather type family.  I enjoyed experimenting with fixed positioning and basic type styling as an introduction to HTML & CSS.