Buckminster Fuller
Process Book ︎
Futurist inventor, architect, and visionary Buckminster Fuller created design solutions that reflected the potential of innovative design thinking and technological advancements to create univer sal wellbeing and sustainability. He’s most famous for inventing the geodesic dome, Dymaxion Car, and other accessible innovations in housing and transportation that were far ahead of his time. 

This project asked me to design a poster representing a contemporary or historical figure whose work related to land, air, or water. I chose Buckminster Fuller because I’m captivated by his beautiful work in the fields of mobility, sustainability, and pacifism. After my dissatisfaction with the upwards of twelve unique posters that I had created throughout the design process, I ultimately decided to create and warp a geodesic-inspired grid in illustrator and then experiment with typography on top of the abstracted grid form. I tried multiple iterations of the twisted pattern until I had created one that evoked the flows of the hillside or a topographic map becauseI wanted to capture the way that Fuller worked at the intersection of design and nature. After creating a pattern that I was happy with, I added the title Visionary Futurist to the grid and then I twisted both the type and the pattern as a group.

Draft 09
These dimensional explorations using the Illustrator blend tool were visually nice but didn’t connect well enough to who Bucky was as a professional and a person.

Draft 07
This iteration of an earlier draft works to incorporate a sense of dimensional movement with the blend tool and tilted grid.

Draft 10
Initial exploration of using an abstract shape in conjunction with expressive typography. The triangular form is too abstract to be relevant to Bucky’s geodesic pattern. 

Draft 08
A more literal representation of Fuller’s past in architecture by using dimensional forms to represent buildings. Feels too flat.