Berlin Typeface

My admiration for European architecture, design, and typography inspired me to create Berlin, which is a modern take on blackletter typography. Berlin is a modular typeface, and each letter is comprised of iterations of the same three shapes. The square, diamond, and triangle modules are inspired by the serifs and angular nature of traditional German blackletter. I wanted to evoke the solemnity of blackletter typefaces while adding elements of sleekness and modernity. 

Modulation Process
After deciding upon my modular system, I designed each letterform in Illustrator. I felt that my modular system both helped and hindered my progress; it created a visual harmony and created a structure when designing similar letterforms, but also limited my creative range when working with more complicated letters. Ultimately, I found that in order to design the full alphabet in a legible and cohesive manner that I would need to break free from my modular constraints. For example, on the letter 'x,' I included a thin diagonal line which was not in my original system. Overall, I felt that stepping back into manually drawing my letters and sketching nearly infinite iterations of the more complicated letters helped me throughout this incredibly fun and taxing creative process.