I’m pursuing a BFA in Communication Design at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts within Washington University in St. Louis. My heart belongs to branding, print, and all things typographic, but I also love to explore UI / UX, architecture, urban design, and writing. 

I’m passionate about creative and empathetic problem solving through design, and I love to learn how to use my skills and privilege to strengthen my communities and affect social change.

Most recently, I was the Art Director Intern at Virtue Worldwide. In my spare time I’ve been developing my Javascript and HTML & CSS skills with SuperHi.  

Please feel free to check out my resume and reach out to me at maddy.angstreich@gmail.com

“As designers, we don’t write policy papers—we work with type and design things, and this is how we can try to effect change. The written word is part of the social fabric’s most basic communication, and if you chip away at even the smaller aspects of it, you can try to affect the broader picture.” - Sarah Gephart, AIGA Eye on Design